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Kellogg Fellows at Evidence Live 2015

Several Kellogg Fellows led by our Senior Tutor Carl Heneghan, and including Annette Plüddemann, Jeremy Howick, Sharon Mickan, and Kamal Mahtani, will be speaking at the Evidence Live conference from 13th-14th April.

Kellogg elects its first Proctor

Elizabeth Gemmill has been elected as Kellogg's first Proctor. 
The Proctors make sure that the University operates according to its statutes and, as well as being members of key decision-making committees, they deal with student discipline, complaints about university matters, the running of University examinations, and they also carry out ceremonial duties.

Kellogg at Compton Verney

Visitng Fellow and Director of Compton Verney, Steven Parissien has curated a major new exhibition of Canaletto's British paintings. In an article for the Guardian announcing the opening of the exhibition, Parissien says "He [Canaletto] is painting a new, vibrant and confident Britain.

The new demography of death

In a blog post for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Senior Research Fellow George Leeson writes about the new demography of an ageing population, he states that " consequence of the numbers change is the new demography of death.

Awarding Excellence at Kellogg College

All members of College are encouraged to nominate students for the MCR Excellence Award. The award of £300-£400 has been raised by members of the MCR Committee who have been collecting funds throughout the year from graduating students. It will be awarded to the student who has made an outstanding contribution to College life. Whether the contribution was made through social, sporting, cultural or welfare initiatives it has to have had a proven and positive impact on the experience of other Kellogg students. 

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