Middle Common Room (MCR)

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is the student body of the College

All students become members of the MCR upon joining the College, unless they elect not to be. The MCR Common Room is a social space where students can relax and meet other students, and is often the focal point for activities organised by the MCR Committee (DVD and Pizza Nights, Bops and excursions).

Common Rooms are at the heart of the social life and welfare of students at colleges in Oxford. Common Rooms for graduate students are generally termed MCRs or Middle Common Rooms. With over 800 graduate students, the Kellogg Middle Common Room (MCR) is home to one of the largest and most international populations of graduate students at Oxford. Kellogg is one of the most friendly and inclusive colleges at Oxford, and the MCR proudly follows in this tradition.

The MCR Committee aims to facilitate a sense of community and camaraderie among the student body by supporting the needs, interests, and pursuits of Kellogg students throughout their time at Oxford.

Over the past year, the Committee has supported bops, bar crawls, a Christmas market and the increasingly popular Kellogg College Ball. The Committee is also meant to promote general student well-being, to serve as a support network as needed and as a vehicle through which to convey student concerns, feedback, and suggestions to the College. The Committee is here to make your experience at Kellogg exciting, fulfilling, and memorable. The Committee members are democratically elected on an annual basis, and elections take place at various times throughout the year.

To keep up to date with the MCR’s busy programme of events, join their Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kelloggmcr/.