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The Kellogg College Travel Grant allowed me to showcase our research group's work

November 10, 2021

DPhil student Jonas Schöne explains how he benefitted from a Kellogg College Travel Grant Award.

This grant allowed me to attend and present at the annual Association Psychological Science Conference (APS 2021), in May.

During the conference I saw the latest psychological research presented in various different formats, such as Flash Talks, and a Virtual Poster Showcase (VPS) submitted by presenters from around the world. I also joined the early career researchers’ workshops, including a Virtual Mentoring seminar about “how to establish an online presence”, and many more.

It also gave me the opportunity to network with other delegates, colleagues, speakers, and presenters. I was able to build connections, exchange ideas and gain insights on a variety of topics, through discussions and events with experts from various fields; I plan to build on these connections in the hope they lead to new projects and collaborations.

Most importantly, being one of the flash talk presenters allowed me the opportunity to showcase the great work that has been done in our research group. I received a lot of helpful feedback by esteemed experts in that field, which will prove invaluable in improving this work even further.

In summary, this conference was important for the development of my skills as a researcher, my work itself and for potential future collaborations, and I am delighted that Kellogg made this experience possible.

Jonas Schöne (DPhil Experimental Psychology)


DPhil and MPhil students are eligible to apply for a Kellogg College Travel Grant. These funds exist to help students meet travel, registration and attendance costs when presenting their work at conferences, or to help meet the travel expenses of research trips, or equivalent during Covid-19 restrictions. Deadline for applications is week 5 of each termFind out more.