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Donations and sponsorship

Donate to the Nigel Mason Award Fund

The Nigel Mason Award is funded by a generous bequest from Nigel Mason, alongside donations aimed at supporting the Award’s objectives.  Nigel envisioned the Award as a medium-term initiative to foster more research and analysis. The strong interest and support for the Award indicate its potential for long-term impact. With your help, we can make this a reality.

The Award Committee invites expressions of interest in:

  • Donations: Contribute to the Nigel Mason Bequest Fund in Nigel’s memory to further its mission.
  • Sponsorship: Support aspects of the annual Award event in Oxford, the Award itself, or other related activities.

The Award will have a significant profile within academic institutions, think tanks, research communities, national employee ownership organizations, policymakers, and employee-owned businesses. The annual Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership, where the Award will be launched on 7 August 2024, and the Award winner will be introduced, attracts government officials, politicians, and other policymakers from around the world.

UK and USA tax residents can make tax-efficient charitable donations.

For information on donations and sponsorship, please visit our Contact Information page.