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The MCR Committee

MCR Committee 2023–24

For more information about the MCR, MCR events and how the MCR can help you, please visit their website.

President – Eeshani Bendale

Vice President – Tim Fraser

Treasurer – Alistair McCullough

Secretary – Fahad Al-Huda

Academic Officer – Jingyuan (Cynthia) Cheng

Arts and Culture Officer – Sharvi Maheshwari

Charities and Campaigns Officer – Adrita Haque

Communications Officer – Lizzie Schulz

Development Officer – Sara Farnworth

Disabilities Officer – Salman Chishti

Diversity and Inclusion Officer – Nikhi Suri Chopra

Domestic Officer – Aurora Kapo

Green Officer – Erin Rugland

IT Officer – Daniel Digby

International Students Representative – Bob Sira Sira

PGCE Representative –  David Rodenko

Part-time Students Representative – Mark Meleka

Social Secretaries – Johannes Hartmann, Felix Braband, Elina Makela, Mehr (Mex) Lamba and Aleksandar Sasa Janjanin

Sports Officer – Hong-Po Hsieh

Welfare and Equality Officer – Madison Stern