The MCR Committee

MCR Committee 2020–21

For more information about the MCR, MCR events and how the MCR can help you, please visit their website.

– Sandeep Unwith

Vice-President –  Chamil Thanthrimudalige

Secretary – Asif Malik

Treasurer – Giuseppe Spatafora

Academic Officer – Neil Suchak

Arts & Culture Officer – Elections yet to be held

Charities & Campaigns Officer – Genevieve Cain

Communications Officer – Kazuhi Kanai

Development & Strategy Officer – Emmanoulis Voitsidis

Domestic Officer – Elections yet to be held

Green Officer – Kayla Gild

International Students Representative – Siyang Zhou

IT Officer – JS Lemay

Part-time Student Representative – Brigitte Whitehead

PGCE Representative – Elections yet to be held

Social Secretaries – Theodora Thoroddsen with further elections to be held

Bar Manager – Elections yet to be held

Sports Officer – Nikolaos Kanellakis

Welfare and Equality Officer – Brenda McCollum