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The MCR Committee

MCR Committee 2022–23

For more information about the MCR, MCR events and how the MCR can help you, please visit their website.

Scroll down to see details of the incoming Committee for 2023-24.

– Ananya Singla

Vice-President – Madhav Chowdhry

Secretary – post vacant

Treasurer – Ian Robertson

Academic Officer – post vacant

Arts & Culture Officer – post vacant

Charities & Campaigns Officer – Jim Smith

Communications Officer – Millie Zhou

Development & Strategy Officer – post vacant

Disabilities Officer – post vacant

Diversity and Inclusion Officer – Jay Bothra

Domestic Officer – post vacant

Green Officer – Adrita Haque

International Students Representative – Eeshani Bendale

IT Officer – post vacant

Part-time Student Representative – Tim Fraser

PGCE Representative – Tanya Khanna

Social Secretaries – Johannes Hartmann, Jennifer Nolan

Bar Manager – James Holmes

Sports Officer – Hong-Po Hsieh

Welfare and Equality Officer – Sakshi Setia

Incoming Committee members for 2023-24

President – Eeshani Bendale

Vice President – Tim Fraser

Arts and Culture Officer – Sharvi Maheshwari

Development Officer – Sara Farnworth

Green Officer – Erin Rugland

Social Secretary – Johannes Hartmann

The following positions are vacant and will be up for nominations in the MT23 Elections:



Academic Officer

Charities and Campaigns Officer

Communications Officer

Disabilities Officer

Diversity and Inclusion officer

Domestic Officer

IT Officer

Social Secretary x2

Sports Officer

Welfare and Equality Officer