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Kellogg appoints first Sustainability Fellow

October 28, 2020

Kellogg has appointed its first Sustainability Fellow, Dr Sandie Byrne

Sandie has been involved in Green issues since she was a teenager (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), and sees these as inseparable from our treatment of animals and each other, which is why she is vegan and a member of Amnesty International as well as the Green Party.

She is proud to be a member of a College which is committed to environmental sustainability, and to work with colleagues who have already achieved so much.

College staff have worked hard to minimise College consumption of energy, to improve our reuse, repair, repurposing, and recycling of materials, and to ensure that we use resources in a sustainable way. The MCR is represented on the Environmental Sustainability Committee that she chairs, and is involved in the development and implementation of environmental policies. She hopes that every member of College will consider the impact of our actions and choices on our environment.

You can contact Sandie via email at