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Kellogg Fellow is now Professor of Transport, Energy and Climate Change

October 5, 2023

We are delighted to announced that Dr Christian Brand has received a professorial title in recognition of his work.

Dr Christian Brand is now Professor in Transport, Energy and Climate Change at the Transport Studies Unit and Environmental Change Institute. His work is based on interdisciplinary applied science at the transport and energy interface, with strong impacts beyond academia.

Over the past 20 years Christian has been investigator on research projects worth over £20 million, including as Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre. Christian has gained an international reputation for policy-relevant expertise in transport and energy systems and climate change mitigation, active travel and low carbon futures, evidenced through sustained engagement with international bodies including the World Health Organization, World Bank, and the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

Commenting on his Professorship, Christian shares: “That’s great news. Feeling humbled and happy. A massive thank you to the wonderful colleagues, friends and my family who have been supporting me on this journey – by bike and other means – from ‘pre doc’ to Prof in 20 years.”

Professor Jonathan Michie added: “This is a very well deserved recognition of Professor Brand’s important and impactful work on combating climate change – something that our College is particularly committed to, with many of our Fellows, Research Members of Common Room and students contributing to global efforts to achieve net zero.”