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Kellogg Fellow receives runner-up Peter Birks Prize

September 17, 2020

Kellogg Fellow, Shreya Atrey, has received the runner-up Peter Birks Prize.

Shreya, received the prize for her book  Intersectional Discrimination, which explores why intersectional discrimination should exist as a unique category in discrimination law. The book explains the theoretical, conceptual, and doctrinal roots of intersectional discrimination. Shreya applies central concepts and tools in discrimination law such as grounds, direct and indirect discrimination, comparison, and remedies to intersectional claims.

The Peter Birks Prize is awarded by The Society of Legal Scholars for outstanding published books by scholars in their early careers.

You can read more about Intersectional Discrimination, in Shreya’s article published in this year’s issue of Kellogg’s Connect magazine.

Shreya also recently received the British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for her project Equality Law in Times of Crisis, which studies the relevance and impact of equality and discrimination laws in responding to crises which exacerbate inequality amongst social groups.