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Kellogg is now an OxBike depot!

November 3, 2022

As part of the College’s Sustainability strategy, and in line with our Sustainability policy, we have signed up to become an OxBikes depot.

Kellogg’s Sustainability policy is intended to provide:

  • A set of achievable commitments for the period 2021-2025, enabling Kellogg to become a more sustainable college
  • A framework for the collection, reporting, and monitoring of data for energy, water, and gas consumption, carbon emission, biodiversity and the sustainability impacts of food and supply chain operations for the College
  • General guidance for decision making to ensure College activities are more sustainable and minimise their environmental impacts
  • Recommendations for a timeline and objectives towards achieving net zero emissions, and net biodiversity gain by 2035 in line with University commitments

OxBikes was set up by Oxford students Louis Wright and Pedr Charlesworth, to promote ‘…green transport to both improve health and reduce emissions… [and] to build an Oxford-centric circular economy by recycling bicycles for use by students in a rental and selling capacity.’ (OxBikes)

All profits raised from donated bikes are donated to World Bicycle Relief, a charity who meet the need for reliable transportation in developing regions.

You can rent a bicycle to collect any time, 24 hours a day. Visit OxBikes to view the bicycles that are available. Their bicycles come with a lock, and helmet rental is also possible. Find out more about their rental process

Find out more about OxBikes and read the Kellogg College Sustainability policy in full. To discover more about the actions being taken by the College to combat global warming and climate change, visit the Sustainability pages of our website.