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Kellogg Research Fellow receives SWFI Women ICON Award

November 2, 2023

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute in the US has named Kellogg Research Fellow Dr Ana Nacvalovaite as a woman changemaker, awarding her the SWFI Women Icon Award: Influencing Community Over Networking.

Dr Nacvalovaite received the award for her research on SWFs/State Capital impact investment and work on sustainability in Environmental, Social, and Governance, and Sustainable Development Goals (S in ESG/SDGs). As well as highlighting the importance of collaboration among governments, the private sector, and academia in driving impactful solutions for positive change and just transition.

The ICON Award is a distinctive recognition presented by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) to celebrate those remarkable individuals who are not just leaders but influencers, those who have harnessed the power of networking to usher in transformative changes in their communities.