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Kellogg rowers win 'Blades' at Torpids

March 10, 2022

A huge well done to everyone who rowed in this year’s Torpids, and an extra-special congratulations Kellogg students Lauren Kleidermacher, Holly Bailey-Burnley and Suzanne Nusselder who, as part of the Christ Church Boat Club W2 crew, won ‘Blades’, which means they ‘bumped’ in every race, without being ‘bumped’ – an incredibly hard thing to do.

This year we were delighted to have 18 Kellogg students rowing in the joint Christ Church/Kellogg boats at Torpids.

Marion Le Visage (cox) W1
Anina Koehler (seat 7) W1
Ada Hermelink (seat 3) W1
Charmaine Lang (bow) W1 & (cox) M2
Lauren Kleidermacher (seat 6) W2
Holly Bailey-Burnley (seat 2) W2
Suzanne Nusselder (seat 2) W2
Belén Martínez Gil (seat 7) W3
Brooke Reaves (seat 3) W3
Christina Hassenhüttl (stroke) W3
Joel Fundaun (bow) M2
Jan-Hendrik Höhnk (seat 2) M2
Peter Bruno (seat 2) M2
Evan Roberts (seat 4) M2 and W3 (cox)
Zac Tiernan (seat 6) M2
Federico Nebuloni (seat 3) M3
Johannes Hartmann (seat 4) M4
Tarjej Skarr (seat 3) M4

We should also mention Leah Tavasi who is a cox for the W4 crew, but who didn’t take part in this year’s Torpids.

What is Torpids?

Torpids is a rowing event which takes place over four days (Wed-Sat), during wk 6 or 7 of Hilary term. Racing usually takes place between 12 noon and 5.30pm.

Boats are separated into divisions, depending on entry levels. Races start with the boats lined up, one behind the other. Once they’re off, the aim is to catch up with the boat in front and gain a ‘bump’ (literally bump into the boat in front – gently!) On gaining a ‘bump’, crews move out of the way and cease racing. Boats that are ‘bumped’ or fail to gain a ‘bump’ must continue racing until the finish line. The ultimate aim is to ‘bump’ up the division and becoming ‘Head of the River’.

We look forward to cheering on our rowers again in Trinity term as they once again look to become ‘Head of the River’ at the University’s second ‘Bumps’ event, the ‘Summer Eights’.

Find out more about rowing at Kellogg and our affiliation with Christ Church Boat Club here:…/sport-and-recreation/

Images: Al Craigie (thanks to Christ Church College)