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Kellogg student sets up volunteer group to help those self-isolating

March 23, 2020

Kellogg College student Frederik Filz von Reiterdank and his two co-founders, have set up a volunteer group to carry out errands and deliver food parcels to people self-isolating.

It is thought to be one of the first in a growing network of student-led volunteering groups.

Frederik, who’s currently studying for a Master’s in Computer Science, set up the group Students Against Corona, after his grandmother had problems with food deliveries in the Netherlands. He is working with his co-founders Craig Brown, an International Business student from Loughborough University and Managing Director of Enzo bespoke Events Ltd, and his sister, Irina Filz von Reiterdank, who is a Medicine student at the Utrecht University and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for VCMS, one of the largest student surgery societies globally.

Frederik told us, “The more people we talk to, the more we’ve realised the extent to which they and their communities have already been affected by this crisis, for instance business owners shutting down and in need of food packages and grandparents not getting their medicine.”

Volunteers, who will work in pairs, will offer services from walking dogs to chatting on the phone, but have been told they must not engage in personal contact with people they are helping. Craig confirms “We have implemented NHS approved infection prevention policies and are ready to roll out our system to all community groups trying to help nationwide so that they can help those that need it, whilst minimising the risk of inadvertently spreading the Covid-19 Virus”.

The initiative currently has 1500+ members and 700+ volunteers in 5 countries, across several towns and cities (including Loughborough, Oxford, Utrecht, Montreal, Orange County California, plus requests from Bristol, Vienna, Plymouth), all of whom signed up within 72 hours.

Frederik, Craig and Irina are eager for more people to get on board and set up their own initiatives. Craig outlines how you can help below:

“If you’re a volunteer and you want to help, or somebody self-isolating that needs assistance, please visit: If you would like to make a donation to our national fundraiser, which ensures our volunteers have the resources to do their work safely, please visit our Go Fund Me page.”

You can also join their Facebook group @OxfordAgainstCorona #studentsagainstcorona

Students Against Corona Update

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Frederik Filz von Reiterdank