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Meet Ramon Brown, our Monika Tesarova Bursary recipient 2024

May 16, 2024

Congratulations to Ramon Brown on being awarded this year’s Monika Tesarova Fund Bursary

Ramon Brown (MSc Mathematical Modelling for Global Health)

Ramon’s studies use mathematical modelling to support global health decision-making processes at sub-national, national and international levels. He was awarded a Monika Tesarova Bursary which he used to attend the Health Economists’ Study Group Winter 2024 Conference where he presented his research and met with academics and industry professionals who use modelling to support decisions in health economics. 

Ramon’s paper was presented to over 150 health economists from around the world. Following the presentation, he had the opportunity to discuss the methodology, the implications of the results and future areas of research. He also got the chance to attend other presentations on health economic modelling to support decisions in other areas of oncology, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and several other growing healthcare challenges.

He writes:

I am deeply grateful to the Monika Tesarova Scholarship Fund for supporting my research project in Laos, where I developed a health economic model to inform national policy on hepatitis B control. This generous award enabled me to attend research conferences during my placement in the region, where I presented my work and learned about ongoing projects in the Greater Mekong region.

The significance of this research transcends my academic pursuits, as it directly contributes to Laos’ public health strategy. By creating an evidence-based model, my project aims to optimise resource allocation and enhance the effectiveness of hepatitis B interventions. This work is conducted in collaboration with local health authorities and stakeholders, ensuring that it addresses the specific needs and contexts of the Laos population. This project aligns with my long-term goals of working in international health development, providing a solid foundation for future endeavours in global health policy and implementation.

This opportunity has profound academic and personal importance to me, and I am sincerely thankful to the Monika Tesarova Scholarship Fund for making it possible. Your support is pivotal in advancing research that has the potential to improve health outcomes and inform policy decisions.

Our Monika Tesarova Fund Bursary is made available due to the generosity of a College Fellow. It exists to support a Kellogg student wishing to invest in their studies or take up an opportunity while studying at Oxford that they would ordinarily be precluded from doing due to financial constraints.

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