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Our People

Prof Alis Oancea

Fellow, Official Fellow

Research Co-ordinator, Professor of Philosophy of Education and Research Policy

Department of Education

DPhil (Oxon), PhD (Buc), DipLATHE (Oxon), PGCert (Oxon), MSc (Buc), BA (Buc)

Dr Oancea specialises in philosophy of research and in studies of research policy and governance (including research evaluation, quality, and impact).  Recent funded work includes a study of notions of cultural value from arts and humanities research (AHRC), a study of interpretations and practices of research impact in the full range of disciplines, evaluations of the impacts of successive RAEs on institutional, departmental and individual academic behaviour, a review of the current state of, and future prospects for, education research, and a comparative study of principles, strategies and mechanisms for research assessment in several countries and disciplines.  She also has strong interests in higher education, contemporary challenges for philosophy of education, and science and technology studies.

Dr Oancea is member of the Peer Review College of the Economic and Social Research Council and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  She is Editor of the Review of Education. As Secretary of the Oxford Branch of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain she works with colleagues to organise regular seminars that bridge between education and other fields of enquiry, as well as between philosophical and empirical research.  Other professional roles held by Dr Oancea have included Elected Executive Council member and trustee of the British Educational Research Association (2009-12), Council member of the European Educational Research Association, steering group member of the UK Strategic Forum for Research in Education (2008–10), member of the UCET/BERA Working Group on the future of educational research (2011–12), and Senior Advisor for Research Impact to the University of Oxford (2012-13).

Publications (Selected)

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