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Our People

Dr Anne Ferrey

Research Member of Common Room

Senior Researcher/Departmental Lecturer

Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Anne is a cognitive psychologist with a background in attentional control, behaviour change and the use of iterative methods for intervention development. She is developing a programme of research related to ways in which creative activities might improve health, mental health or well-being. The public engagement face of this work is the Yarnfulness Project and other projects examine the effects of arts workshops for people with mild cognitive impairment, and the potential wellbeing benefits of heritage-related crafting for people living in Iraq.

Anne is the Course Director of the MSc in Translational Health Sciences, which explores the social science of innovation. She is a module lead for the Behavioural Science and Complex Interventions module, which focusses on translating cutting-edge research into effective healthcare interventions.