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Our People

Dr Bernardo Meza-Torres

Research Member of Common Room

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Bernardo is a postdoctoral researcher at the Clinical Informatics Unit at the University of Oxford. He researches the use of large-scale routine databases derived from electronic health records to investigate the effect of organisational arrangements on the care of people with chronic conditions, focusing on type 2 diabetes and chronic liver disease as exemplars.

He graduated as a medical doctor from the UNAM in Mexico City, and completed a master’s in Health Economics and Bioethics at the universities of Heidelberg and KU Leuven. He has worked as a consultant in pharmacoeconomics and as a data analyst in the Mexican healthcare industry. In the NGO sector, he worked in the promotion of digital technologies for the monitoring and control of non-transmittable diseases in developing countries. As co-founder of Prescrypto, he collaborated with the UNICEF Innovation Fund in the development of RexChain, a blockchain based electronic medical prescriptions platform for decentralised healthcare systems in Latin America.

He was awarded a DPhil in Medicine and Biosciences by the University of Surrey in 2022, with a focus in developing innovative and people-centred strategies for improving healthcare quality.