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Our People

Dr Daniel Arenas

Fellow, Visiting Fellow

ESADE Businss School, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona

Saïd Business School

PhD, MA (Chicago), BPhil (Barcelona)

Daniel Arenas is a Professor of the Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability at ESADE Business School-Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona. His work is on the interactions between business, social movements and communities, as well as cross-sector partnerships and multi-stakeholder initiatives. He draws on political and sociological theories to study the democratic quality of these initiatives and relationships, and the framing strategies used to advance more just and sustainable organizations and markets. He has published on several aspects of business ethics and corporate social responsibility in Business Ethics Quarterly, Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Organization Studies, Organization Theory, and Business Horizons, among others. He teaches courses on Sociology, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Daniel is currently an academic visitor at Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation and a non-resident Research Fellow at the Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies, Budapest.