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Our People

Mr Edmund Weiner

Emerita/Emeritus Fellow

Deputy Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary

MA Oxford

Edmund Weiner is the Deputy Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. He has been a member of staff of the Oxford English Dictionary since 1977.  He has worked successively on the Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, the computerization and publication of the Second Edition of the OED (co-edited with John Simpson), and the Third Edition of the OED, currently being published online.  He has special responsibility for the grammatical aspects of the OED and (with the Chief Editor) for finalizing the text for publication.  He has also published several works on English grammar and usage and has taught the history of the English language for the Oxford University Summer School for Adults, for the Smithsonian programme, and for the Berkeley programme.  His research and lecturing interests include English etymology, the language of early modern non-literary documents, and the vocabulary of J. R. R. Tolkien.

As part of the OED team he has shared responsibility for many new and revised entries published in OED Online, and especially for grammatical word such as A (the indefinite article) and AND.  During 2009 he published an account of the progress of the OED since 1982 (see Publications).

Publications (selected)

With Peter Gilliver and Jeremy Marshall, “The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary”. OUP, 2006.
“The Electronic OED: the Computerization of a Historical Dictionary” in A. P. Cowie (ed.) The Oxford History of English Lexicography, Volume I, pp. 378-409. OUP, 2009.
With Jeremy Marshall, “Tolkien’s Invented Languages” in M. Adams “From Elvish to Klingon”, pp. 75–110. OUP, 2011.