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Our People

Prof Gary Lock

Dean of Degrees, Emerita/Emeritus Fellow, Fellow

Professor of Archaeology

Department for Continuing Education

BA Leicester, MA Oxford, PhD Staffs, MIFA, FSA

Fellow 1993; Emeritus Fellow 2010; Secretary to Governing Body 1997-8; Dean of Degrees 2010. Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, Department for Continuing Education and The School of Archaeology.

Research Interests:
Computer applications and quantitative methods in archaeology especially Geographical Information Systems, their application and theoretical aspects (current interests are modelling visibility and movement).
Landscape archaeology.
British later prehistory (especially hillforts, their landscapes and meaning).

Current Activities
The Vale and Ridgeway Project, excavations at Marcham/Frilford (with C. Gosden)
The South Cadbury Environs Project (with R. Tabor).
The Sangro Valley Project Phase 1 (with A. Wilson, N. Christie, A. Faustoferri and others).
An Atlas of Hillforts in Britain and Ireland. AHRC funded project in partnership with the University of Edinburgh. For four years from September 2012.

Nesscliffe Hill Camp, Shropshire (with Paul Reilly, Southampton University and Shropshire Council)

Recent Publications

Enclosing space, opening new ground. Iron Age studies from Scotland to mainland Europe, with Romankiewicz, T., Fernandez-Gotz, M and Buchsenschutz, O. (eds), (Oxbow Books, 2019)
Hillforts: Britain, Ireland and the nearer continent, with Ian Ralston (eds), (ArchaeoPress, 2019).
Re-mapping archaeology. Critical perspectives, alternative mappings, with Gillings, M. and Haciguzeller, P. (eds), (Routledge, 2019).
Archaeological spatial analysis. A methodological guide, with Gillings, M. and Haciguzeller, P. (eds), (Routledge, 2020).
The Atlas of hillforts of Britain and Ireland, with Ralston, I, (Edinburgh University press, forthcoming 2020).

Main Publications

Archaeology and Geographic Information Systems: A European Perspective with Stancic, Z. (eds), (Taylor and Francis, 1995)
Beyond the Map: Archaeology and Spatial Technologies, (IOS Press, 2000)
On the Theory and Practics in Archaeological Computing with Brown, K. (eds), (Oxford: Oxford University Committee for Archaeology Monograph 51, 2000)
Using computers in archaeology: towards virtual pasts (Routledge, 2003)
Uffington White Horse Hill and its Landscape: Investigations at White Horse Hill, Uffington, 1989-95 and Tower Hill, Ashbury, 1993-4, Oxfordshire with Miles, D., Palmer, S., Gosden, C. and Cormarty A.M. (eds), (Oxford: Oxford Archaeology. Thames Valley Landscape Monograph 18, 2003)
Segsbury Camp. Excavations in 1996 and 1997 at an Iron Age hillfort on the Oxfordshire Ridgeway with Gosden, C. and Daly, P. (Oxford: University of Oxford School of Archaeology Monographs 61, 2005)
Digging Numbers: Elementary Statistics for Archaeologists with Fletcher, M. (Oxford University Committee for Archaeology, 2005) – second edition – expanded and revised.
Confronting Scale in Archaeology: Issues of theory and practice with Molyneaux, B. (eds), (Springer, 2006)
Archaeology and landscape in central Italy. Papers in memory of J.A. Lloyd with Faustoferri, A. (Oxford: Oxford University School of Archaeology Monograph 69, 2008)
A valley in La Rioja: The Najerilla Project with Cunliffe, B. (Oxford: Oxford University School of Archaeology Monograph 73, 2010)
Lock, G., Spicer R.D.  and Hollins, W. 2013. Excavations at King’s Low and Queen’s Low: two Early Bronze Age barrows in Tixall, North Staffordshire, Oxford: ArchaeoPress.
Gosden, C. and Lock, G. 2013. Histories in the making. Excavations at Alfred’s Castle 1998-2000. Oxford: Oxford University School of Archaeology Monograph 79.