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Our People

Dr Gill Hey

Fellow, Visiting Fellow

CEO of Oxford Archaeology

PhD (London), MIFA, FSA, BA (Reading)

Before retiring, Gill Hey was CEO of Oxford Archaeology where she worked for over 30 years, mainly managing large fieldwork projects. In particular, she directed the large, multi-period Yarnton-Cassington Archaeological Project just north of Oxford, and was involved in a number of research projects with community and education elements. Gill has also undertaken consultancy work and strategic studies, for example on the effectiveness of archaeological evaluation techniques (published in 2001) and work for the National Trust in advance of developments within their Stonehenge Estate. She was CEO of the company since 2013, with over 250 staff working on desk-based assessments, archaeological evaluations and excavations, building investigations and landscape surveys. She still manages the Oxford Archaeology North office based in Lancaster

Gill’s main research interest is in Neolithic and early Bronze Age settlement and landscape and in the origin of farming communities in Britain. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and Director of the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers and a Trustee on the Rollright Trust.

Gill Hey is also a co-director of the Oxford University/Oxford Archaeology ‘Discover Dorchester’ project. She has co-written and co-edited a book on the early prehistory of the Thames Valley, as well as publishing three monographs on the excavations at Yarnton and a number of other articles in monographs and national journals.

Recent Publications

Hey, G, Bell, C, Dennis, C and Robinson, M, 2016  Yarnton Neolithic and Bronze Age settlement and landscape, Thames Valley Landscapes Monograph 39, Oxford

Hey, G, and Hind, J, 2014  Solent-Thames Research Framework for the Historic Environment: Resource Assessments and Research Agendas, Oxford Wessex Monograph 6, Oxford

Hey, G, 2012  The social lives of the small Neolithic monuments of the Upper Thames Valley, in Image, memory and monumentality; archaeological engagements with the material world: a celebration of the academic achievements of Professor Richard Bradley, (eds A M Jones, J Pollard, M J Allen and J Gardiner), Prehistoric Society Research Paper 5, Oxbow Books, Oxford, 52-63

Hey, G, Garwood, P, Robinson, M, Barclay, A, and Bradley, P, 2011  The Thames through time: the archaeology of the gravel terraces of the upper and middle Thames. Volume 1:2: the Mesolithic, Neolithic and early Bronze Age, Thames Valley Landscapes Monograph 32, Oxford

Hey, G, Booth, P and Timby, J 2011  Yarnton: Iron Age and Roman settlement and landscape, Thames Valley Landscapes Monograph 35, Oxford

Healy, F, Bayliss, A, Whittle, A, Pryor, F, French, C, Allen, A J, Evans, C, Edmonds, M, Meadows, J and Hey, G 2011  Eastern England, in Gathering time: dating the early Neolithic enclosures of southern Britain and Ireland (A Whittle, F Healy and A Bayliss), Oxbow Books, Oxford, 263-347