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Our People

Dr Juliet Carpenter

Fellow, Research Fellow, Staff

Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation

Juliet is a Research Fellow at the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation, which promotes research linking sustainable urban development with health and wellbeing. She is an urban geographer, working at the interface of urban studies, sociology, political science and wider health and wellbeing.

Juliet has developed extensive research interests in the broad field of sustainable urban development, in particular the concept of social sustainability related to urban regeneration and social justice, as well as the notion of Co-Creation in the Global North and South. She has a particular interest in arts-based methods in the urban arena. A full list of publications can be found here.

At GCHU, she is currently supporting the Commission on Creating Healthy Cities, which is investigating the links between urban development and health and wellbeing, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Juliet is on the International Editorial Boards of Urban Planning and Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning, and regularly peer-reviews articles for leading international journals.

Before joining Kellogg College, Juliet was a Reader at Oxford Brookes University, where she led and contributed to a range of research projects as part of the Planning, Policy and Governance research group. Between 2017-2019, she was a Visiting Researcher at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, funded through a Global Fellowship from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. She is also an Associate Researcher (Chercheur Associée) at ENS-Lyon (Triangle UMR 5206).

Juliet’s work has been funded by the European Commission (e.g. the Horizon 2020 Co-Creation project), ESRC, AHRC, national government (MHCLG), the European Investment Bank, RTPI and the Greater London Assembly, amongst others.

Recent publications:

Carpenter J, Horvath C and Spencer B (2021) “Co-Creation as an agonistic practice in the favela of Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro”, Urban Studies, Vol. 58(9) 1906–1923 (Download)

Carpenter J, González Medina M, Huete García M, and De Gregorio Hurtado S (2020) “Variegated Europeanization and urban policy: Dynamics of policy transfer in France, Italy, Spain and the UK”, European Urban and Regional Studies, Vol. 27(3) 227–245

Dlabac O, Zwicky R, Carpenter J, Pereira P (2020) “Towards the ‘Just City’? Exploring the attitudes of European city mayors”, Urban Research and Practice, pp 1-24

Carpenter J, Pereira P, Dlabac O, Zwicky R (2020) ‘”Urban interventionism” in welfare and planning: National typologies and “local cultures” in Europe’, Journal of Urban Affairs, pp. 1-21