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Our People

Dr Ksenija Yeeles

Research Member of Common Room

Research Fellow, Project Manager

Department of Psychiatry

Ksenija Yeeles joined the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford in 2007. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (University of Zagreb) and a DPhil in Psychiatry (University of Oxford). Her research focuses on testing the effectiveness of interventions in the mental health care of people with severe mental illness, such as psychosis. She is particularly interested in the development of rigorous research methodology in clinical trials and she has extensive experience in leading and the management of randomised controlled trials in psychiatry.

Her current research examines the neuro-immunological bases of psychosis and aims to develop new treatments for patients with a diagnosis of psychosis. Her previous research at the Social Psychiatry Group in Oxford investigated the effectiveness of interventions such as treatment pressures including informal and formal coercion and financial incentives to improve adherence to treatment in community psychiatric care. Prior to working at Oxford, she investigated the outcomes of involuntary hospital admission of patients with psychosis and long-term clinical and social outcomes of war experience at the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London.