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Our People

Dr Lisbeth Brevik

Member of Common Room

Associate Professor and PhD Coordinator, University of Oslo, Norway

Lisbeth M Brevik, PhD, is an award-winning teacher educator and researcher. She is a qualified teacher from Norway with 13 years of experience from teaching secondary school. She joined the University of Oslo, Norway as an Associate Professor in 2015 within the Faculty of Educational Sciences. She has developed and taught mixed methods and research design courses in addition to supervising master’s and doctoral students.

Her field of research is English language education, and over the years, she has gained expertise in reading comprehension and gaming-based research, in particular the relation between playing online games and reading comprehension, with a focus on adolescents. She is the PI of several research projects, including LANGUAGES which is funded by the Research Council of Norway for the period 2021–2025. LANGUAGES is a collaboration between universities in Norway (University of Oslo, University of Bergen), England (University of Exeter, University of Oxford) and France (École normale supérieure de Lyon). For more information about LANGUAGES:

In 2019 she was awarded the prize for Excellent Research Dissemination at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and in 2020 she was recognized with the University of Oslo’s Excellence in Teaching Award. She is appointed Recognized Lecturer for a three-year period (2020–23). She is the author of articles, chapters and anthologies. Lisbeth is a founding member of the Pedagogical Academy at the University of Oslo (link:, and an editorial board member of the International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches (IJMRA). She was a member of the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA); External evaluator of the Teacher Education Programme at the University of Bergen, Norway; a visiting scholar at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and at Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

Lisbeth has a presence on ResearchGate (link: and Orcid (lin: For more information and a full list of publications, see her web page at the University of Oslo: