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Our People

Dr Marcy McCall MacBain

Bynum Tudor Fellow

Director of the McCall MacBain Foundation

Dr Marcy McCall MacBain was born and raised in rural Ontario, Canada. After studying at McMaster University, Canada, and the London School of Economics and Social Policy, she completed her doctorate with Kellogg College, University of Oxford, in 2015. Her doctoral thesis provided a unique contribution to the Evidence-based Medicine database, looking at how to improve the research methodology of complex interventions such as yoga for improving a patient’s quality of life in adult cancer.

Marcy’s early professional career was in spinal cord injuries. Her interest in evidence-based medicine was sparked through her role as a co-founder and director of the McCall MacBain Foundation. Since 2007, she has worked alongside multiple NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa to improve resource allocation for health care training and delivery, with a special interest in maternal health. She has also consulted with the World Health Organization for chronic disease management and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Oxford.

Knowing the value of education, she and her family’s Foundation also work extensively to provide better access to quality learning opportunities by offering academic scholarships. Marcy and her husband John McCall MacBain support the Rhodes Scholarship, Mandela-Rhodes Scholarship and various scholarship programs in Canada. Marcy is also a member of the Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors at the University of Oxford. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland.