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Our People

Dr Max Van Kleek

Fellow, LGBTQ+ Fellow, Official Fellow

Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction

Department of Computer Science


Max Van Kleek is Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, with a joint appointment as Governing Body Fellow of Kellogg College. He teaches with the Software Engineering Programme (SEP) on courses on Interaction Design, Secure System Design and Data Science. He is also a Visiting Academic Researcher with the Web and Internet Science Group at the University of Southampton. Max’s core research focuses on expanding end-user individuals’ capabilities for understanding, managing, and using data, towards the preservation and enhancement of their personal autonomy. He currently leads the EPSRC PETRAS-funded project “Respectful Things in Private Spaces”, focused on ways to help people understand and control the ways IoT devices in the most private parts of their lives see, perceive, and share data about them. Max completed his studies and initial research at MIT (PhD, CS 2011; MEng EECS 2003; SB 2001), and has worked at PARC, IBM Research, Nokia Research, Sun Microsystems Labs, the MIT AI Lab, and the MIT Media Lab.