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Our People

Mr Patrick Doorly

Member of Common Room

Lecturer in the History of Art

Department for Continuing Education

MA Oxford, MA London

Patrick taught art history to students on studio-based courses in art and design before returning to Oxford in 2000. He was Acting Director of Studies for Art History in the Department for Continuing Education during the academic year 2001–02. Since then he has taught part-time in the department, while researching his book on the neglected role of quality in directing the work of artists.

He teaches Renaissance art and architecture in Italy, a field supported by his keen interest in the art of ancient Greece and Rome.


The Truth about Art: Reclaiming Quality (Zero Books, 2013)

‘Dürer’s Melencolia I: Plato’s abandoned search for the Beautiful’ in The Art Bulletin, June 2004, volume LXXXVI, no. 2, pp. 255–76

1999: Patrick wrote the entries on old master prints for the British Museum’s Compass website.

1991: he published 250 computer-generated plans, elevations & cross-sections of Italian architecture CE 300–1500 as teaching aids.