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Our People

Mr Peter Combey

Emerita/Emeritus Fellow, Fellow

MA Oxford, DPSA

Elected 1991; Emeritus Fellow 1997
Deputy Director (Director, Continuing Professional Development), Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, 1991-97

Peter Combey became an Official Fellow of the College in 1991 when he was appointed as Deputy Director of OUDCE with particular responsibility for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Before joining the Department he had held the post of Director of Continuing Education for five years at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine in London University.

As the first Director of CPD in the Department, he played an important formative role in establishing a wide range of advanced courses aimed at updating the knowledge and skills of professionals within the fields of Engineering, Computing, Mathematics, Molecular Science, Social Work, Health Sciences and Health Care.  In two of these fields, he co-ordinated the initial development of two unique part-time modular MSc programmes – in Software Engineering and Evidence-Based Health Care – which now contribute a significant proportion of the students matriculated annually by the College.

In addition to his achievements in helping establish CPD within Oxford and enhance the numbers of students joining the College, he was responsible for most of the groundwork involved in launching the TALL (Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning) programme within the Department.

Following his retirement in 1997, he has taken up the hobbies of gardening, oil painting, reading, travelling, and being a grandfather.  In 2004, he presented to the College an oil painting of those most closely involved in the decision of the Governing Body made ten years earlier to change the name of the College from ‘Rewley House’ to ‘Kellogg College’.