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Our People

Dr Ralph Walter

Bynum Tudor Fellow

Financier and educationalist; Treasurer Wende Museum of the Cold War, Culver City CA

Ralph graduated from Knox College in mathematics, and Indiana Graduate School in financial economics.  Ralph became partner & vice president at AG Becker, a national brokerage firm.  When the firm was sold, he taught theoretical finance and business strategy for four year at Northeastern Illinois University.

Ralph returned to the business world at The Chicago Corporation, a brokerage firm, rising to chief administrative officer, before moving to Kayne Anderson Investment Management as chief operating officer & treasurer. Ralph also obtained a doctorate in Anglican Studies from St Alcuin seminary.

Ralph was trustee of Knox for twenty years, on the executive dean’s advisory board at Indiana, and the board of the Northeastern Illinois Foundation for ten years, the last two as president.  Ralph merged the Kayne-ERAS Centre, a school serving developmentally challenged children, with the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF), to serve the developmentally challenged through life. Ralph is treasurer of the Wende Museum of the Cold War in Culver City CA, and former treasurer of the California Historical Society, where he hosted Kellogg’s 2018 alumni reunion.

Ralph graduated from Kellogg with a Master of Studies in Literature and Arts, with distinction.  His dissertation was on the 19th century Reform Acts; he delivered a 2017 Kellogg Seminar on ‘By-elections during the Great War’. His subject for his Bynum Tudor Lecture was Managing People, Money, and ‘Corporate Culture’.