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Our People

Dr Rebecca Horton

Member of Common Room

Academic Foundation Trainee

Department of Pediatrics

MBBS with distinction (Norwich) Mres with distinction (UAE)

Rebecca is currently in her second year of being a medical doctor (FY2). As part of the Academic Foundation Programme, she is working with Professor Servais on the safety profile of AAV gene therapy for SpinoMuscular Atrophy (SMA). She is also completing a systematic review on the neuropsychiatric outcomes of children and adolescents with perinatally acquired HIV.

She grew up in Hertfordshire and attended her local secondary school (St George’s). She then completed her medical training and research masters at Norwich Medical School before coming to Oxford to start work as a doctor. She hopes to become a paediatrician in the future and work on research that can improve the lives of children with neurological and psychiatric disorders alongside her clinical work. Rebecca comments, “I am especially excited to learn more about these disciplines from other members of the college, and particularly from those who do research outside of the medical field. I hope that this will bring me fresh perspective and that I will learn how to keep people at the heart of research- and not get consumed by chasing grants!”

Outside of work, she  enjoys cycling, swimming and walks in the Chilterns. She is keenly interested in climate change and its associated health problems. She attends a church in Oxford which has become home whilst I am in this city.