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Our People

Dr Stefano Gogioso

Fellow, Ordinary Fellow

Departmental Lecturer

Department of Computer Science

MA, DPhil (Oxon); MA, MASt (Cantab); BSc, MSc (Genova)

Stefano Gogioso is a Departmental Lecturer with the Software Engineering Programme in the Department of Computer Science—where he teaches Quantum Computing and Object Oriented Programming—as well as a permanent faculty member of the Quantum Group. Before that, he was a Lecturer at Oriel College and a Postdoctoral Researcher on quantum computation and quantum causal structures.

His main research interests lie in quantum software and quantum causality. As part of his work on quantum software, he uses formal diagrammatic methods to design and understand complex programs for the current and future generations of quantum computers. As part of his work on quantum causality, he studies the interface between quantum systems and space-time from a theory-independent, operational perspective, using tools from branches of pure mathematics such as sheaf theory, pointless topology and convex geometry.

He is also co-founder and director of a small start-up working on decentralised technology for smart contracts, with applications to the finance and gaming sectors.