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Our People

Dr Steve McKeever

Fellow, Visiting Fellow

I grew up in Luxembourg and studied computer science at Imperial College in the late 1980s before spending many years completing a D.Phil in what was then known as the Computing Laboratory in Oxford. In the late 1990s I spent five years as a researcher in the custom computing group at Imperial College London. I was a lecture in Software Engineering from 2002 to 2012. I’m now an Associate Professor in the department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University.

The focus of my research has always been on the application of rigorous software engineering techniques to areas of personal interest. I began my research studies by looking at how to automatically create evaluation mechanisms for programming languages. More recently I have applied a software engineering perspective to the modelling of biological processes. This has culminated in the development of techniques, tools and languages for supporting component based modelling of the heart and various cancers. Current research involves units of measurement verifiers and programme synthesis as a means of tackling the interpretability problem of ML artefacts.