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Our People

Dr Suzanne Schneider

Visiting Fellow

Historian, writer, educator & Deputy Director, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

MA, PhD (Columbia) BA (Columbia College, Columbia)

Suzanne Schneider is a historian, writer, and educator. She received her Ph.D. from the Department of Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University, and from 2015-2023 served as Deputy Director of the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, where she remains a core faculty member. Suzanne is the author of Mandatory Separation: Religion, Education, and Mass Politics in Palestine and The Apocalypse and the End of History: Modern Jihad and the Crisis of Liberalism. Her writing about contemporary politics, religion, and violence has appeared in The New Republic, Mother Jones, The Washington Post, Jewish Currents, Foreign Policy, n+1, and Aeon among other outlets.

Suzanne came to Oxford as a Visiting Fellow at Magdalen College in 2022 to begin work on a new research project related to the history and present uses of risk as a social and political tool. She has been the lead organizer of Risk Reconsidered, an interdisciplinary working group sponsored by the Calleva Centre that brings together scholars working in the humanities, natural and social sciences to explore risk as a form of social and political rationality. While at Kellogg, Suzanne will be working on a trade book about risk and co-editing (with Jonathan Michie) a special issue of International Review of Applied Economics on the subject of “Risk, Uncertainty, and Democracy.”