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Our People

Dr Thomas Lacroix

Fellow, Visiting Fellow

CNRS Research Fellow in Geography, Science Po, Paris

PhD, MA (University of Poitiers), MA, BA (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lille)

Thomas Lacroix is CNRS research fellow in geography at Science Po Paris (Centre for International Research). He works on the relationships between immigrant transnationalism and the state. His work initially focused on Indian and North African transnationalism, with a specific interest in their effects on development and integration. His research now focuses on city networks and the building of a local governance of international migrations

He holds a PhD in geography and political sciences (University of Poitiers, 2003). He was awarded a doctoral Marie Curie fellowship at the Centre for the Study of Migrations and Ethnicity (University of Liège, 2002-2003), a postdoctoral Lavoisier fellowship at the Centre Jacques Berque (Rabat, 2004-2005), a postdoctoral Marie Curie fellowship at the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (University of Warwick, 2005-2007) and a research fellowship funded by the Volkswagen Foundation the International Migration Institute (University of Oxford, 2008-2011).

Thomas Lacroix is former Migrinter deputy director. He is currently associate editor of Migration Studies and research associate at the Maison Française of Oxford and Migrinter. He is fellow at the Institut Convergence Migrations in Paris.