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Our People

Dr Zihao Wang

Fellow, Junior Research Fellow

Marie Curie Fellow

Department of Materials

BSc (Zhongyuan University of Technology), MSc (University of Science and Technology Beijing), PhD (Tohoku University)

I have been focusing on ensuring the reliability of structural materials in extreme environments, with an emphasis on the grain boundary strength and the hardening effect of intermetallics in Ni and Fe based alloys. My current project will make use of the most ambitious in-situ observation methods to clarify and visualise the role of diffusible hydrogen in crack evolution mechanistically, which goes beyond the current state-of-the-art. My aim is to reduce the repair rate of key components in power plants, which will bring huge budget savings (according to the current energy strategy). In the long-term, a safe and low-cost energy will increase social welfare by providing low electricity prices, promote a decarbonised society, and achieve the ambitious goal of net-zero emissions.