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Meet Monika Tesarova Bursary Fund recipient Marin Vukšić

In 2021, the Monika Tesarova Bursary Fund was awarded to DPhil student Marin Vukšić. Here he outlines how the bursary helped his studies.


I would like to express my gratitude for the Monika Tesarova Fund bursary which helped me pursue my Mandarin studies at the Oxford University Language Centre. The bursary enabled procuring the textbooks and CD player necessary for in depth study for the course. As a DPhil student in Materials, working on next generation nuclear materials, I believe proliferation-resistant and safe nuclear energy is one of the means for tackling the climate crisis. This is a global problem, which needs the cooperation of the global scientific community, and I believe that one of the best ways for different cultures to connect is to understand each other’s language. As a Croatian student, my funding is limited to tuition fees, so the Monika Tesarova Fund bursary has provided unique support in furthering my extra-curricular studies, along with Kellogg’s generous participation in covering the language course fees, even in challenging times like these. I am thankful for the College’s continued support of its full-time students, which the Monika Tesarova Fund bursary is a significant part of.
Marin Vukšić