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Scholar Profile: Neil Suchak

Which scholarship do you hold?

I hold the Kellogg College Progress Scholarship.

What subject are you studying?

I am studying a DPhil in History

What research have you recently undertaken or what research are you hoping to undertake during your DPhil?

In my DPhil I research the intellectual justifications for America imperialism in the late nineteenth century. Specifically, I look at how Americans speak to, emulate and operate within other empires (such as the British) when developing their own imperial project in the Western Hemisphere and the Pacific. This incorporates several different historical stories including the birth of the idea of a Pax Americana and the development of the Special Relationship. This will involve archival visits to the United States later this year, as well as presenting at a conference in Missouri in April.

What does the scholarship mean to you?

The scholarship means taking an active role in college life and being a good ambassador for Kellogg in all of my undertakings around the university more broadly. In College, I sit on the MCR Committee as the Academic Affairs Representative and am also involved in student welfare as a College Peer Supporter. I am also heading up efforts for the College to send a team to this years series of the BBC’s quiz University Challenge.

What do you value about being a student at Kellogg College?

The Kellogg student body has an incredible diversity of expertise, backgrounds and experiences. Both my academic life and my personal life have been enriched by the variety of voices and perspectives that you find around the dinner table at Kellogg. One day you will hear about life as an employee at Google and the next you will be having in depth conversations about Indian politics.