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A statement from the College on the invasion of Ukraine

March 2, 2022

The following statement was amended on 3rd March.

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation has shocked and saddened the world. As Oxford’s most international college, Kellogg College stands in support with all members of our community who are affected by the appalling situation. These are terrible, distressing times for the people of Ukraine, and we stand in solidarity with them and with those who support their sovereignty and rights, including the many thousands of Russian citizens who join the world in deploring their government’s actions. We also know that students, staff and alumni from neighbouring countries have been affected, concerned for their family and friends.

We are proud of the work of our students in our global community in their activities to raise funds for those who are fleeing their homes, and thank them for using their research and platforms to promote peace and stability, as well as for their donations to humanitarian charities.

We are thinking of all of our students around the world who are affected by war and trauma. For more information about how we can support you as a student during these troubling times, please see the Dean’s statement sent to all our students last week. Click to read the Dean’s statement.

For more information on the University’s response to the situation in Ukraine, please visit this page.

Jonathan Michie, President of Kellogg College