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Kellogg Fellows acknowledged in University's Recognition of Distinction Awards

August 23, 2022

Once again Kellogg Fellows have been acknowledged in the University’s Recognition of Distinction Awards.

Prof Kasper Rasmussen (left) and Prof Kamal Mahtani (right)


We are delighted to announce that Dr Kasper Rasmussen and Dr Kamal Mahtani have received professorial titles in recognition of their work in their respective areas of Computer Science and Evidence Based Healthcare. Dr Rasmussen is now Professor of Information Security and Dr Mahtani is Professor of Evidence Based Healthcare.

On receiving his professorship Professor Rasmussen said: “The full professor title has been a personal goal of mine for a long time and I am honoured and exited to have been granted it. I am eager to continue all the exiting research my students and I are working on, and explore any new opportunities that this opens up.

Professor Mahtani told us: “Having arrived in Oxford 17 years ago as a visiting medical student, this is a timely moment to reflect on the diverse range of opportunities this institution offers and the support and encouragement I have received from my students and colleagues over these years. As a Kellogg College Fellow, I am particularly grateful to the college president Professor Jonathan Michie for his support”.