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The Pandemic EVIDENCE Collaboration

Evidence-informed development of non-pharmacological interventions collaboration

The Pandemic EVIDENCE Collaboration is a three-year programme funded by the McCall MacBain Foundation.  The programme will identify, develop and implement strategies to generate high-quality evidence for non-pharmacological interventions during pandemics that inform policy and care decisions.

The pandemic has identified strengths and limitations of science and knowledge exchange.  While pharmacological interventions were developed, tested, and disseminated with impressive timeliness and effectiveness, the decisions for many non-pharmacological interventions were made with limited evidence.

Consequently, there remains little understanding of the potential short- and long-term benefits and harms of many public health measures and how to best organise patient care.

The Pandemic EVIDENCE Collaboration will build capacity and foster ongoing collaboration to sustain researcher and decision-maker partnerships to facilitate effective knowledge exchange and develop ‘oven-ready’ research protocols to launch research projects rapidly during the early phases of pandemics.


View recordings and recourses from our latest events, including the Pandemic EVIDENCE Collaboration programme launch event.

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