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Nigel Mason Award winners

Award-Winners and their Research

The winner of the Nigel Mason Award 2025 and subsequent Award-winners will have their research highlighted here.

Nigel Mason’s research

The UK Employee Ownership Top 50

The Employee Ownership Top 50, created in 2014 by Nigel Mason, is a list of the largest 50 private employee-owned companies by number of employees in the UK.  RM2 proudly continues the research as part of Nigel’s legacy and publishes it in partnership with the Employee Ownership Association.

EOT Survey

Nigel Mason initiated an employee ownership trust (EOT) survey by RM2 to track the rapid growth of EOTs from 2014, the year the EOT was codified in UK legislation.  By 2020 Nigel could report there were “at least 500 EOTs in existence in the UK” and with the number of new EOTs doubling in 2021, RM2 reported the total number of extant EOTs as over 700.

The UK Employee Ownership Index

Created by Capital Strategies Limited the UK Employee Ownership Index showed that from 1992 to 2016 companies in the Index regularly outperformed the comparable FTSE 100 and All-Share averages. For a period it was calculated by Fieldfisher. From 2013 to 2016 it was calculated by FTSE International according to FTSE methodologies and provided information on UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange which had 10% or more (or in a different version 3% or more) of their shares held by or for the benefit of employees other than main board directors.

Nigel’s articles and reports

These include: