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Kellogg student's film forms basis of UN's Global Migrant's Day Event

3 November 2021

Kubilay Ahmet Küçük's documentary 'Our Only Home' focuses on the long-lasting social issues of migration caused by limited integration policies and persistent racial discrimination.

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Dr Katherine Maxwell appointed as a Visiting Fellow

3 November 2021

Dr Katherine Maxwell has been appointed as a Visiting Fellow and will be based at the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation

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Vincent Strudwick Lecture 2020: Watch the film

26 November 2020

This year’s Kellogg College Vincent Strudwick Lecture on Religion in Public Life, was given by the Revd Canon Professor Keith Ward on “Is there a future for Religion?”

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South African Constitutional Court relies on Kellogg Fellow's work on Intersectional Discrimination

25 November 2020

South African Constitutional Court relies on Kellogg Fellow and Associate Professor of International Human Rights Law, Dr Shreya Atrey’s work on Intersectional Discrimination.

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Coping with lockdown (again)

10 November 2020

Our Vice-President Dr Judith Hillier talks to us about some coping techniques to help us during another lockdown.

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Kellogg members receive Professorships in University's Recognition of Distinction Awards

5 November 2020

Kellogg members have professorships conferred upon them, in this year's University Recognition of Distinction Awards.

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Prof Hopfenbeck & Prof Winters Inaugural Lectures - Watch the films

28 November 2019

On 20 November Professor Therese N Hopfenbeck and Professor Niall Winters delivered their Inaugural Lectures, discussing their research and areas of interest.

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The Centenary Commission Report on Adult Education 2019

18 November 2019

Kellogg College members have been instrumental in the creation of a new report arguing that adult education and lifelong learning must be a permanent national necessity.

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