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Reflections on hosting a Quick-fire Q&A for Emerging Writers

7 January 2020

Mariah Whelan is an alumna of Kellogg College graduating from the MSt in Creative Writing in 2013. In this blog she reflects on one of her passions: running cross-community professional development events for writers.

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Kellogg has made graduate study more open and accessible... and feels like it was created for me and others like me

29 November 2019

Steve Hocking is studying part-time for a DPhil in Global and Imperial History at Kellogg. We wanted to find out what it was that brought Steve back to the world of academia, and to Kellogg in particular.

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The climb up Mont Blanc was arduous but beautiful…

13 September 2019

Kellogg student James Tufnell, took a break from his two jobs and his studies, to take on an epic climb of Mont Blanc, in aid of charity.

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Predictability of Financial Crises: EMBA student Sebastian Petric explains his new book

12 September 2019

Kellogg EMBA student and investment professional, Sebastian Petric’s gives a brief explanation of the findings of his research for his new book, "Predictability of Financial Crises: The Impact of Fundamental, Policy-induced and Institutional Vulnerabilities on China Compared to Other Emerging Markets"

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ISEW at the University of Helsinki, with Kellogg staff member, Rodrigo Hernandez

20 August 2019

In May of this year, Kellogg Academic Office Administrative Assistant Rodrigo Hernandez attended an International Staff Exchange Week (ISEW) at the University of Helsinki.

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Reflections on my year at Kellogg

18 July 2019

As his time at Kellogg draws to an end, Daniel Staudegger (MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance), reflects on his first few days in Oxford and shares his experience of College life over the past academic year.

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What makes research effective?

17 July 2019

Gorgi Krlev, Kellogg alumnus and co-author of "Social Innovation – Comparative Perspectives", explains why he thinks the book was awarded Best Book 2019 by the Academy of Management's (AOM) Public and Non-profit Division. 

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It matters to increase access for talented but financially constrained students from the developing world

18 June 2019

Hamse Abdilahi (MSc in Sustainable Urban Development) is a Somali community activist and writer.

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