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The most fun I ever had in a boat

6 June 2019

James Tufnell (MSc Applied Landscape Archaeology), describes his experience of rowing in the Christ Church/Kellogg M3 boat, at the 2019 Summer VIIs.

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Sexual Assault: Deconstructing & Moving Forward

4 June 2019

On the 16th May 2019, Merton College hosted a panel discussion on sexual assault. The event, held in conjunction with The Red Box Oxford, was the brainchild of a group of Kellogg and Merton students, in collaboration with UN Women Oxford.

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Surviving cyclone Fani: how Kellogg alumna’s project in India is responding

20 May 2019

Chris Davies is an Emeritus Fellow of Kellogg, and was college Vice-President for several years. He was Bindu Vinodhan’s tutor during her studies as a Kellogg student and visited her and her charity in India, in May 2019.

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Excitement at the Jiu Jitsu Randori Nationals

14 March 2019

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Olympian Frances Houghton’s inspirational Sports Dinner speech

4 March 2019

Did you miss this year’s Celebration of Sport Guest Night Dinner and after dinner speaker France Houghton’s inspirational speech? Fortunately, Kellogg Fellow Jeremy Howick was there and shares below Frances’ motivational Q & A session.

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What I learned from my first Oxford case study

31 January 2019

Michael Zhuang is an EMBA student at Said Business School. Here he writes about his experience of his first case study at Oxford and gives an insight into the consequences of decision making.

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Scholar Profile: Matthew Ward

5 June 2018

For this blog series we asked our Scholars to tell us about their experience of studying at Oxford as well as what it’s like being a student at Kellogg.

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