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Post Covid quest for better work

8 June 2020

How should we reform our economies and bring people back to better work, aligned with major social, political and economic challenges, notably climate change?

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What's happening in English courts during lockdown?

3 June 2020

English civil courts have been using video and audio technology to conduct trials for a while now, but how would it translate to criminal courts during lockdown?

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An homage to the extraordinary city of Oxford

28 May 2020

In this blog, Kellogg Common Room Member, Tony Morris explains why he founded the non-profit website, an homage to the extraordinary city of Oxford.

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Climate finance: Financing the great transition

14 May 2020

Kellogg EMBA student Sebastian Petric, and co-writer Merja Laakso, discuss climate finance and the role of incentives in mobilising private finance.

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What did you do during the war? Professor Michie reflects on the role played by his father at Bletchley Park

7 May 2020

As we mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, Kellogg President Professor Jonathan Michie reflects on the important role played by his father, Donald Michie, at Bletchley Park, during World War II.

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Not just a Dining Hall Manager...

4 May 2020

During the current Coronavirus lockdown, we are discovering our staffs' hidden talents. Kellogg Dining Hall Manager, Stephane Lisner, shares his passion for photography and the countryside.

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Viva versus the Virus – Examinations in the time of Corona

31 March 2020

Worried about exams during Covid-19? DPhil student Claire Macht talks us through her online Viva Voce experience and shares the tips that made it a positive experience for her.

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How my Kellogg Research Support Grant helped me

13 February 2020

Lur Alghurabi explains how she has benefited from her Kellogg College Research Support Grant.

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