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Commission on Sustainability Data (CSD)

Following Kellogg College’s October 28th 2022 Conference on Sustainability Finance, the Commission on Sustainability Data (CSD) was established to examine how data might be captured and disseminated, so that consumers and investors could judge the environmental sustainability of a company’s operations (taking account of their supply chains).

The vision of the CSD centres on empowering consumers with the means to consciously factor in the environmental footprint of their purchases, and enabling investors to embed sustainability considerations into their investment decisions.

The Commission on Sustainability Data will draw upon previous work on the topic, including the Global Data Commons project from 2018/19 in which Commissioner Dr Nigel Mehdi was involved.

The Commission on Sustainability Data is not just about aggregating data; it seeks to be a catalyst for change, sparking new conversations on sustainability and driving global actions. It is responding to the urgent need for comprehensive, reliable data to inform sustainable practices, which will be possible only if world governments take action through the COP and other processes.




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