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Connect Magazine

Download a copy of our College magazine Connect. 

Our 2020 edition celebrate’s Kellogg’s 30th anniversary, with articles and news from across the College community. You can also download our first ever 2019 edition of Connect.

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Articles in this year’s edition include:

African Storytelling in the Time of Covid – Kenyan journalist and entrepreneur Zain Verjee’s storytelling platform for Africans to present their unique stories during Covid

Inside the 2021 Boat Race – Martin Barakso describes the hardest year of training he’s ever done

Restoring the Art the Nazis stole – Richard Aronowitz’s emotionally intense task is to ensure that works of art looted by the Nazis are not put up for sale

How do we do Culture Next? – Vilma Jurkute suggests that, instead of returning to the old norm post Covid, we should aim to reimagine our cultural paradigms

Creating Low Cost Ventilator Systems – The race to create a low cost ventilator system by Richard Hefford-Hobbs

Prison: no place for children – Caitlin Lambert, the Somaliland lawyer who’s stepping up

And much, much more….