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A Fellow for Life

June 3, 2021

Robin Cohen, Senior Research Fellow at Kellogg, has been elected as a Life Fellow of the Global China Academy, an honour reserved for ‘particularly eminent scholars’.

The Global China Academy is a UK-based independent fellowship that aims to promote the study of China in global and comparative perspectives through dissemination of academic research, knowledge transfer, social consultancy and public engagement, and to contribute to the building and governance of a global society.

The GCA’s academic mission is to source and critically appraise Chinese ways of thinking and to bring together theories and methods from studies of Chinese society and comparative studies of China in the humanities and social sciences into a body of human knowledge that serves all humankind. In accordance with the language strategy of the British Academy, GCA promotes its academic mission by emphasising language-based social scientific, humanities and area studies on China with global and comparative perspectives.

The GCA’s social mission is to bring together resources from China, the Chinese and Western comparative studies of China to provide a knowledge-based social sciences forum and to engage scholars from China and the rest of the world in constructive dialogue with one another. They recognise that, in areas outside politics, Chinese societal policies and practice may be informed by the West and may also be of interest to the West: hence, exploring and understanding these form part of their social mission.

As an affiliated member of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS), the GCA participates in the Campaign for Social Sciences on a global scale, working to form a bridge between China and the rest of the world and serving the good of all humankind.