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Our People

Dr Jack Collins

Research Member of Common Room

Postdoctoral Researcher

Oxford Robotics Centre

Jack Collins is a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Robotics Institute within the Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab. His research is at the intersection of machine learning and robotics, with a focus on modelling the world for agents, task planning for long-horizon tasks, and machine introspection. He is particularly interested in applying his work to robots in the real world with the intention of further enabling robots to interact and manipulate their environment.

Jack received his PhD in robotics from the Queensland University of Technology whilst working in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. His doctoral research focused on the simulation of robots and the development of sim-to-real methods to address the “reality gap” between simulated and real-world environments. This work has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the challenges of applying machine learning to real-world robots, such as the need to account for physical inaccuracies in simulations, the variability of real-world environments, and the need for robust and generalizable policies.

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