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Our People

Dr Jonathan Livingstone-Banks

Research Member of Common Room

Senior Researcher

Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

My research is primarily in tobacco control. I am particularly interested in finding the best ways to help people to quit using tobacco. My main research method is evidence synthesis, and I have a research interest in its methods. I am managing editor and information specialist to the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group.

I am also a philosopher interested in the philosophy of evidence-based healthcare. I’m particularly interested in topics like:

  • How we should understand ‘evidence’ and what roles certain kinds of evidence should play in decision making
  • the value and methods of evidence synthesis
  • who is responsible for people’s health (on both an individual and population scale)
  • how we define and classify diseases and how this impacts on healthcare practice and medical research.

I run a course on the History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Healthcare where people from mixed backgrounds can explore these issues in depth.

I am proud to be a University of Oxford LGBT+ Ally