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Kellogg Fellows acknowledged in University's Recognition of Distinction Awards

September 18, 2023

Once again Kellogg Fellows have been acknowledged in the University’s Recognition of Distinction Awards.

 We are delighted to announce that Dr Clare Bankhead, Dr Sandie Byrne, Dr Kokila Lakhoo, and Dr Tara Stubbs have received professorial titles in recognition of their work.

Dr Clare Bankhead is now Professor of Epidemiology and Research Design, Dr Sandie Byrne is Professor of English, Dr Kokila Lakhoo is Professor of Global Paediatric Surgery, and Dr Tara Stubbs is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Literature.

On receiving the professorship Professor Bankhead said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded the title of Professor of Epidemiology and Research Design. As I have been juggling part-time research and teaching with other life commitments for more than half of my career, this feels very special. If this resonates with you – just stay strong, stay committed and anything is possible!”

Professor Byrne told us: “I’m delighted to have been awarded this distinction at the same time as my Kellogg colleague and friend, Tara Stubbs, and I hope to continue to add to the research profile of college, which goes from strength to strength.”

When we spoke with Professor Lakhoo, she said: “This means a lot for children’s surgery on the global stage.”

And finally, Professor Stubbs told us “I am very proud to have been awarded this recognition, alongside such brilliant women – and particularly my friend and colleague, Prof. Sandie Byrne. Both Professors in English literature, we are the first women Professors from the Department for Continuing Education in its 145-year history. I was spurred on to apply by the fact that apparently women take on average 8 more years to apply than men. Kellogg’s news should hopefully help redress the gender balance in Professors across the university.”

Kellogg President, Professor Michie said of the Professorships, “In each and every case, long overdue and extremely well deserved.

What is striking about this group, is that each and every one of our new Professors is well known for being extremely generous with their time for students, colleagues and others, as well as for our College, with Clare being Chamberlain; Sandie being Senior Tutor (and previously Sustainability Fellow); Tara having been Dean (as well as having served in many other capacities); and Kokila being a regular supporter of our events, including giving a talk at our upcoming alumni weekend.

In addition to which, this honour could not have been bestowed on a nicer group of people!”